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HDSD Pulse ac servo driver
    • HDSD Pulse ac servo driver
Detailed Description

Pulse ac servo driver

Advanced and safe characteristics:

sensorless stall detection

integrated diagnostic function

safeguard to short circuit, open phase, overpressure, underpressure and temperature

encoderless stall detection

run smoothly

small size

lower noise

high reliability

low em emission

software controls the noise of damping.

automatically adjust the controling parameter of motors

High-efficient current setting

effectively reduce motor temperature

2-24v electric input

idrive,based on the  arm core m4 technic, control stepper motor under the mode of efficient pulse and direction, more safe, smooth and quiet than previous driver.

characteristic parameter

independent input

 four 2-24vnpn,pnp or line-drive2mhz imput

independent output

one 24v-100ma output for status monitor


step up to 256 subdivision


overpressure, underpressure,over current,high temperature, open phase, short circuit.

status monitor

3 led indicator light(red, green ,yellow)


working temperature: 0-40 ,storage Temperature:-25-55



safety level



Vector control

sinusoidal current contral technology is able to control the stablization of motor torque to keep running smoothly and quietly.

controling mode

pulse and direction

set current by plectrum

set the stepping angle by rotating plectrum. in order to keep intercommunity with traditional driver, the steeping angle is set by software to keep current always sinusoidal.

Five Alternative Function:

1. Start motor stall detection, read motor bemf, encoderless, provide alarming status by led output indicator light.

2. pulse direction mode and clockup/clockdown mode

3. enable control

4. 30% or 70% min maintenance current

5. start "clock test" function in the driving process, show frequence signal by Led flicker.

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