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    As a sino-european and high-tech joint venture,HEMM has development, design, production and sales, we are committed to providing high quality motor, drive and control solutions to customers,such as NEMA 8 stepper motor, NEMA 34 stepper motor,NEMA 24 stepper motor,stepper gearbox motor,and so on.
    Three Advantages
    Our Advantage

    Our company has a complete system from R&D, production, quality control to sales for stepper motor, BLDC, linear actuator and drivers. We possess numbers of engineers with more than 15 years R&D experience, complete R&D system and advanced equipment to offer the most effective solution.

    In the aspect of drivers, we have more than 40 years and continuous R&D experience and complete drivers product line.

    We have long-term agreement with Japanese company to introduce Toyota Production System, and periodical guidance, training and inspection for all the engineers and operators.

    We have sales and technical support centers in all major regions of the world, such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe and America.

    Domestically, we set up sales and technical support centers in Beijing, South of China, and the main economical regions of East of China, to offer timely and quick service to our customers.

    Qualification and Certification

    National High-Tech Enterprise

    ISO Quality Certification System

    Full Range of products CE Certification

    Full Range of Products Rosh Certification

    15 Utility Model Patents, 1 patent for invention (in the process of applying global patent) Regional Engineering Technology Center

    Company Philosophy

    The competition of 21st Century is the competition of talents.

    Customer needs oriented, think about standing in the position of cutomers.

    First-class execution is better than first-class plan.

    Based on strivers, we have long been adhering to the spirit of hard work and striving for a better life for all HEMM employees.

    Our goal: to build a world-class enterprise and become a leader in the industry.

    Production Equipment
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    News Center
    • 282020 .May
      • Stepper Gearbox Motor Application
      • The application of the stepper gearbox motor is increasing rapidly. The stepper gearbox motor can be used in any place where it needs to control the rotation or precise angular movement.
    • 252020 .May
      • Why use a stepper gearbox motor​?
      • The reason to use stepper gearbox motor is to reduce the motor load inertia ratio. Another reason to use the stepper gearbox motor is to increase the torque that can be used to drive the load.
    • 202020 .May
      • Advantages of Integrated DC Brushless Motor
      • The integrated DC brushless motor has advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. People began to develop an integrated DC brushless motor with electronic commutatio...
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