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Brushless dc servo driver HBSD
    • Brushless dc servo driver HBSD
Detailed Description

Brushless dc servo driver


Multiple control modes

Equipped with leading safety features

Integrated diagnosis

Independent power and logic input

Exception monitoring and handling

Driver main features

Vector control has a small volume

Closed loop high reliability

Control parameters of low-heat motor are automatically adjusted

Efficient current setting

Optical isolation control bus

Modbus or canbus

Encoder interface

Non-isolated incremental encoder 5v differential input and output

Sci interface

Used for programming and real-time debugging

Every light input

4 digital input ports, 2-24v, NPN, PNP

The light output isolation

2 digital output ports, PNP, 24vdc-100ma

Analog input

Two input ports

Simulation step distance Angle

Smooth control technology (65536 position points/circles)

Safety protection measures

Over voltage under voltage, over current high temperature, phase/phase short circuit


When working, 0-40 degrees, storage -25-55 degrees


5% - 85%.

Protection level


Step servo advantage

Comparison of open-loop stepping scheme:

Reliable positioning prevents synchronization loss

Maintain a stable position and be able to recover automatically for special reasons such as machine vibration

Make full use of motor torque

It is able to run at high speed under current control according to load changes. However, ordinary open-loop control does not take load changes into account, and the same current control is adopted for full speed.

Compare brushless servo control:

No need to adjust the current (automatically adjust according to the change of load)

It can keep the position stable and unfluctuating after executing the action.

Fast positioning is controlled by independent integrated DSP

Short positioning time enables quick and continuous execution of short-range actions.

Through the upper computer instruction drive control

Suitable for multi-axis systems (up to 127)

Powerful built-in motion module ensures perfect multi-axis synchronization and reduces overhead load.

Atomic processing allows users to access all functions and device resources to perform and synchronize any process.

Allows access to powerful motion modules and built-in real-time processing modules for special applications

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