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NEMA 34 stepper motor(1.8°)
    • NEMA 34 stepper motor(1.8°)
Detailed Description

The parameter of NEMA 34 stepper Motor

Step Angle

1. 8 (+/-5%@full step,no load)

Resistance Accuracy


Inductance Accurac


Temperature Rise

80DegreeC MAX.

Ambient Temperature

-20~+50 DegreeC

Shaft Radial Play

0. 02MAX@450g-load

Shaft Axial Play

0. 08MAX@450g-load

MAX Radial Force

220N@20mm from the flange

MAX Axial Force


Dielectric Strength

500VAC for one minute

Insulation Resistance

MIN 100Mohms, 500VDC

 NEMA 34 stepper motor

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