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Detailed Description

Structure of stepper gearbox motor

Within the stepper gearbox motor casing, the gear box bottom motor isolation into main part is composed of stator and rotor of motor and gear box part, sliding gears installed in the gear box, at the center of the gear box part of the gear box bottom first gear hole is set, the rotor of the rotor shaft gear after the first gear hole, to the gear box with the first level of sliding gears gear mesh;In the gearbox composed of the cover plate and the bottom plate of the gearbox, a first-stage gear bracket is arranged, and the output shaft is installed at the position of the first-stage gear bracket and the coaxial line of the rotor shaft;A second gear hole is arranged on the off-center position of the primary gear bracket, and the pinion of the final gear of the gear group extends from the second gear hole and meshes with the gear on the output shaft.The other end of the output shaft is supported by the output hole set by the cover plate, and the output shaft extends out of the cover plate to form the output shaft of the gear stepping motor.

  • Advantages of gearbox stepper motor:

1.Motor rotation Angle is proportional to the number of pulses;

2.The torque of the motor when it stops running (when the winding is excited);

3.Because the accuracy of each step is 3-5%, gear box stepper motor, and will not accumulate the error of one step to the next step so that there is a good position accuracy and repeatability of movement;

4.Stable start-stop and reverse response;

5.Because there is no brush, the purchase of gear box stepping motor, high reliability, so the motor life only depends on the life of the bearing;

6.The response of the motor is only determined by digital input pulse, so the open-loop control can be adopted, which makes the structure of the gearbox stepping motor relatively simple and control the cost

7.It is also possible to rotate synchronously at extremely low speeds simply by connecting the load directly to the motor's shaft.

8.Since the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency, there is a wide speed range.

stepper gearbox motorstepper gearbox motor

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