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As a sino-european and high-tech joint venture,HEMM has development, design, production and sales, we are committed to providing high quality stepper motor, drive and control solutions to customers around the world.

We have great strength in design and solutions;HEMM has several decades of industry experience of senior engineers, can provide customers with appropriate motor, drive, control combination of hardware and software solutions;Products are widely used in packaging machine, labeling machine, textile machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, ceramic processing machinery, printing machinery, office automation machinery, video monitoring, processing machine, robot and so on.

By continuously providing our customers with high performance, high reliability and high-end innovative products, our customers can maintain their market advantages for a long time, and we are trusted by global customers for a long time.We focus on quality control and process control.Continue to provide high quality products to our customers through excellent quality, process control and material control systems!


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