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Analysis of Structure and Function of BLDC Motor

1. The role of BLDC motor

BLDC motor is also a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. By consuming electrical energy, mechanical energy can be obtained, so as to achieve certain purposes. In general, what is the use of BLDC motor? BLDC motor without the brush, the most direct change is that there is no brush motor when the operation of the electric spark, which greatly reduces the interference of electric spark on remote control radio equipment. It can be used in the small household appliance industry, such as the common electric fan, in fact, the BLDC motor will convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, the electric fan will turn up, will bring you a cool feeling. There is, the lawn mower in the garden industry, in fact, the use of BLDC motor. In addition, the electric drill in the power tool industry is also used by BLDC motor. The role of BLDC motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, so that it can play a role in everyone's life, improve everyone's quality of life.

2. Analysis of the BLDC motor structure

Structurally, BLDC motor and brush motor have similarities, there are also rotor and stator, but the structure of the brush motor is opposite; The rotor of the brush motor is a coil winding, connected with the power output shaft, and the stator is a permanent magnet magnetic steel; The rotor of the BLDC motor is permanent magnet magnetic steel, which is connected with the output shaft together with the shell. The stator is a winding coil. The commutator brush used by the brush motor to alternately transform the electromagnetic field is removed, so it is called the BLDC motor.

Rely on, in short, change the input to the BLDC motor stator coil of alternating current wave frequency and waveform, the winding coil around a rotating magnetic field, electrical geometry axis on the magnetic field to drive the rotor permanent magnet steel, motor turned up and the performance of the motor and the number of magnetic steel, magnetic steel, magnetic flux intensity factors such as input voltage, the motor size, More BLDC motor control performance has a great relationship, because the input is direct current, the current needs to be electronic governor to turn it into a 3-phase alternating current, but also need to receive control signals from the remote control receiver, control the speed of the motor, to meet the needs of the model. In general, the structure of the BLDC motor is relatively simple, the real decision of its performance or brushless electronic governor, a good electronic governor needs to have MCU control program design, circuit design, complex processing technology and other processes of the overall control, so the price is much higher than the brush motor.