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Characteristics and Service Life of BLDC Motor

Ⅰ. The characteristics of BLDC motor

1. BLDC motor is small in size and light in weight. The armature winding of BLDC motor is located on the stator, so the outer diameter of the rotor can be relatively reduced.

2. The loss of BLDC motor is small, this is due to the cancellation of the brush, with electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation, so as to eliminate the friction loss and electrical loss of the motor, and there is no excitation winding on the rotor, so eliminate the electrical loss, excitation magnetic field will not cause iron consumption on the rotor.

3. The heating of BLDC motor is small, this is because the motor loss is small, and the armature winding of the motor is on the stator, directly connected to the shell, so the heat dissipation condition is good, the heat transfer coefficient is large.

4. High efficiency, although the BLDC motor is widely used, the power range is large, but the replacement of the motor motor types are different, the application efficiency of different products is also different, in the fan products can be improved by 20 to 30% efficiency.

5. Speed regulation performance is good, for the BLDC motor through the potentiometer to adjust the voltage to achieve stepless or gear speed regulation, but also have PWM duty cycle speed regulation and pulse frequency speed regulation.

6. Low noise, less interference, low energy consumption, no mechanical friction, large starting torque, no reversing. High reliability, long service life, eliminate the main fault source of the motor, reduce the heating of the electronic commutator motor, prolong the life of the BLDC motor.

Ⅱ. The service life of BLDC motor

BLDC motor usually has a service life of tens of thousands of hours, but the service life of BLDC motor is also very different due to the different bearing. First of all, three aspects are related to the factors of the BLDC motor itself: 

1. Bearing life: once the bearing is damaged, the bearing needs to be replaced; 

2, magnetic steel demagnetization; 

3. Coil problem: the general aging time is more than 10 years, how to avoid coil aging? This requires that the coil temperature should not be too high and ensure good heat dissipation, thus extending its service life. Of course, overheating and combustion also fall into this category. Obviously, bearings and coils are very important to the life of the BLDC motor. Do not assume that small motors occupy a small place in the equipment and are very unobtrusive. If the motor you purchased is of low quality and the parts (such as bearings and coils) used by low-end brand motors are of poor quality, the motor should be replaced with the motor and the bearing coil should be replaced with the motor in case of problems.

Second, environmental factors BLDC motor should be used in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive environment, with normal air temperature and pressure. If there are corrosive gases and high humidity in the harsh environment, it is easy to damage the electrical and mechanical properties of the motor due to environmental factors. Therefore, the corresponding motor protection measures must be taken according to the environmental conditions.