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Different applications of stepper motors in various industries

The importance of the stepper motor is self-evident as the core device that provides power and control in many industrial applications. Due to its small size, the stepper motor performs well in many applications. Here are some application ideas for stepper motor in all walks of life.

1. Application of stepper motor in the medical field

The application of the stepper motor in medical equipment is the automatic biochemical analyzer. The fully automatic biochemical analyzer can fully automatically realize the steps of sampling, adding reagents, removing interfering substances, mixing, heat preservation, and colorimetry. The precise positioning mechanisms required here include the reagent needle movement mechanism, the reagent tray rotation mechanism, and the reagent delivery mechanism. The machine issues command to control the rotation angles of multiple stepper motors, and the motor shaft drives the transmission mechanism to make the major motion mechanisms operate at the same time to achieve the desired control effect, so the stepper motor is a very suitable choice.

2. Stepper motor applications in automotive

There has been a lot of news about autonomous driving recently. This technology has matured, and its large-scale application will be seen after the laws and regulations are perfect. Unmanned driving is to connect the motor to the coupling, and control the coupling to drive the rotation of the steering wheel and the bottom steering mechanism through the rotation of the motor. Due to the complex internal mechanical structure, the use of petite automotive stepper motors can better make the entire system work, while saving internal wiring and facilitating mechanical work.

3. Application of stepping motor in photography and meteorological observation PTZ

Many observation and photography equipment require smooth motion and low noise during movement and rotation. Our company's stepping motor can effectively solve this problem. In addition, our company's equipment is more convenient for operation, handling, and storage. The movement synchronization is also very strong.

Our company's stepping motors can not only meet the application scenarios of high-speed motion but also have models specially designed for low-speed applications. At the same time, we select and match according to specific application scenarios. After a series of digital and analog analyses, mechanical modeling, etc. can be shaped accordingly.