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Domestic linear motor breaks through numerous challenges, 3 times higher than the screw precision, will gradually replace the screw module?

In industrial production, transportation, and other fields, the linear motor is the best choice. But the performance of the domestic linear motors is criticized by the industry, so many enterprises have to pay a high price to purchase the imported linear motors.

The domestic linear motor is still in the early stage of development, and the production process and technology still need to be further improved and matured, at present, facing severe market challenges.


1. Uneven products

In recent years, the domestic new small brand linear motor manufacturers have sprung up, and foreign brands have also increased investment in the domestic market, but there is no unified standard, so whether the product structure, appearance, or the product technical parameters, are each have each style and standard, this situation is not conducive to the development of the business. In the linear motor market, this year's new HEMM power guide is perfect to solve this problem. The power guide rail of the HEMM motor is the standard product of 4 meters. The appearance structure is greatly optimized compared with the traditional linear motor, with a simple structure, fewer accessories, and easy maintenance.

2. The market puts forward higher requirements for product functions

With the rapid development of various industries in China's industrial field, it is required to produce more and more high-quality products, and the performance, speed, precision, and other requirements of the machine are also gradually improved. For example, in the field of semiconductor integrated equipment, the original dominant servo plus screw combination can no longer meet these requirements, and the production requirements need more linear motors to achieve, which also gives domestic linear motors the opportunity to grow rapidly.

3. Domestic control technology needs to be improved

The linear motor in the development of foreign earlier than domestic, currently in precision machine tools and other processing equipment has a high level of application, and domestic linear motor, whether experience or technology, with foreign countries, is still a big gap, there is a long way to go.

4. Low recognition

In the domestic market, foreign brands account for a large proportion, such as Jacobs, BANK of Shanghai, Kol Morgan, and so on. There are many domestic brands but not many outstanding ones, and they have not been recognized by mass manufacturers in terms of technology, manufacturing process, and quality. Compared with the combination of servo motor and ball screw, the price of the linear motor is much higher, which restricts the demand of some manufacturers for a linear motor.

HEMM power guide breaks the tradition, 3 times higher precision than the screw, 3 times faster, the price is 20% cheaper, the domestic linear motor finally straight rod!

Characteristics of HEMM Power Guide

1. Integrated linear motor. Although it is called a power guide, HEMM is also a linear motor, which only makes the linear motor integrated.

2. Ultimate solution in linear drive field. At present, most of the precision platform guide rails on the market can not generate power. The power source is completed by the linear motor and other components installed or fixed on the guide rail. The guide rail is only supporting and guiding.  HEMM power guide perfectly solves the problem that the guide cannot generate power, and is the ultimate solution in the field of linear transmission.

3. High precision and fast speed. Under the condition of ensuring the accuracy of plus or minus 3um and the transmission of 4m/s, the data of the HEMM power guide is not transmitted to the linear motor module, and the price is half cheaper.

Hats Off to the Engineer

1. Simple and convenient selection. For design engineers, the selection of the HEMM power guide is very simple, 2D and 3D drawings can be sent to your email with one click, very simple.

2. Simple installation. For engineers, the HEMM power guide modularizes the previously tedious parts, making them easy to operate and assemble.

3. Optimization of spatial structure. For designers, the HEMM power guide has fewer parts and a much better spatial structure.

4. Great price advantage. For procurement, without increasing the cost budget premise, improve the performance, spend less money to buy a good linear motor.

5. Stable. For the boss, buy HEMM power rail, it is stable, and peer competition has an advantage.

Foreign brands monopolize the domestic market, and domestic brands must have their own brands if they want to break out of the tight blockade. HEMM Power Guide, the birth of domestic automatic linear motor equipment, with its high precision, simple structure, and low price, completely hit those who say that domestic is not good. The confident point, domestic linear motor, also line!

HEMM Power Rail and Lithium Battery Manufacturing

In the process of continuous slitting of lithium battery electrode, the cutting blade cuts the coating and electrode material with micron thickness at the same time. When the electrode is cut, the phenomenon of powder dropping, burr, and wavy lines often appear, which has a very adverse effect on the later production of cells.

The continuous slitting of lithium battery pole slice realizes the whole process, which needs a pole slice slitting machine, which is automatic equipment integrating slitting, dust treatment, and tension control. The electric control system of unwinding tension of pole scutters can accurately set the tension curve to ensure the stability of pole scutters. With the taper tension sensor feedback signal, the electric control system automatically keeps the pole tension constant when the diameter of unwinding changes to realize closed-loop control and effectively solve the phenomenon of wavy lines and stretching. Voice coil motor module constant force output, and precision linear motor module fast response speed and micron-level positioning accuracy, so that the pole slice cutting equipment to maintain high precision, and stability, help improve the efficiency of large-scale manufacturing lithium battery production.

Lithium battery assembly, a process that requires a lamination machine, and laminated machine by diaphragm open book sent to a device, multi-station composite material taking place paper manipulator, modular platform device, modular pressure paper mechanism, plate type vacuum adsorption equipment, electrical control, and operation panel, including linear electric module has been used for lamination machine as a drive in the case.