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Energy Saving and Maintenance Methods of Brushless DC Motor

Ⅰ. Energy saving method of brushless DC motor

Brushless DC motor is a kind of electromechanical integrated equipment composed of motor and driver. Now no matter what equipment requires skills, the average energy saving rate of brushless DC motor after energy-saving transformation is more than 50%, and it can reach 91.7% when it is high, and after the transformation, the accuracy of the mechanical equipment has been improved, the noise and temperature generated during the operation of the machine have been reduced, and the service life of the brushless DC motor has also been improved to a certain extent.

1. The energy-saving transformation technology of brushless DC motor is to replace the traditional brushless DC motor with a stepping servo motor, adopt a closed-loop system for the brushless DC motor, have the function of a servo motor, and integrate the brushless DC motor and the motor driver into one, fundamentally changed the original shortcomings of the brushless DC motor, and also reduced the installation space. Due to the advanced technology used in the transformation process, the power consumption is also less than that of the traditional motor.

2. Different mechanical equipment manufacturers are looking for ways to save energy. Although the previous transformation methods can save energy to a certain extent, they have other disadvantages. The energy-saving transformation of brushless DC motors has brought new impetus to manufacturers in the industrial automation industry. 

Ⅱ. Maintenance of brushless DC motor

The brushless DC motor is mainly a mechatronic device composed of a motor and a driver. It is the main source of power for the entire car. If we want our brushless DC motor to maintain a long-term stable working state, we need to do regular maintenance. Maintenance work is critical.

Before inspecting the equipment, we must first check its appearance to ensure that the fan is in normal working condition, whether there is vibration, etc., whether the connection of the coupling is normal, and also check the winding of our brushless DC motor. If there is a problem with the use of the wire motor, it must be repaired, otherwise it may affect the normal use of the equipment.

Of course, when we usually use brushless DC motors, regular maintenance work is very important, which is also the key to directly determining whether our equipment can be used normally. See if there is any misalignment of parts; often check the bearings for replacement or refueling, and check the incoming line connectors. When the motor is working, pay attention to the working environment not to be in a too bumpy state, in case the motor is damaged or the service life is reduced.