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History of brushless dc motor

Brushless dc motors are the most ideal variable speed motors today. It integrates the advantages of dc motor and dc motor. It not only has good adjustment performance of dc motor but also has the advantages of simple structure, no commutation spark, reliable operation and easy maintenance of ac motor. But the brushless dc motor is not the earliest product. Let us take a detailed look at the development history of the brushless dc motor!

The 1740s: The invention of the electric motor begins

Early models of electric machines first appeared in the 1740s through the work of Scottish Benedictine monk and scientist Andrew Gordon.

1834: Manufacture of the first real electric motor

Thomas Davenport of Vermont made history in 1834 when he invented the first official battery-operated electric motor. In 1837, Thomas Davenport and his wife Emily Davenport received the first patent for a dc motor.

1955: The era of bldc motors begins

In 1955, the United States d. Harrison et al. applied for the first patent for replacing the mechanical brushes of brushed DC motors with transistor commutation circuits, which officially marked the birth of modern brushless dc motors.

1962: Invention of the first brushless dc (BLDC) motor

Thanks to advances in solid-state technology in the early 1960s, in 1962, TG Wilson and PH Trickey invented the first brushless dc (BLDC) motor, which they called a "DC motor with solid-state commutation."

The 1970s to present: Rapid development of brushless dc motor applications

Since the 1970s, with the emergence of new power semiconductor devices and the rapid development of computer control technology, brushless dc motors have developed rapidly. After that, with the introduction of the mac classic brushless dc motor and its driver in 1978, and the development of square wave brushless motor and sine wave brushless dc motor in the 1980s, the brushless motor really began to enter the practical stage and developed rapidly.