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New High-efficiency and Energy-saving Brushless DC Motor

With the generation of power devices and the frequent replacement of power tubes in recent years, along with the development of new power electronics and motor drives, based on digital electronic technology, control motors and other disciplines, it has become an inevitable trend for brushless DC motors to replace brushed DC motors with their strong survivability. Especially now that energy saving and environmental protection are advocated, in the limited energy supply system, it is very important and urgent to study the high-efficiency energy-saving control system of brushless DC motor and realize the efficient drive of brushless DC motor.

1. High-efficiency and energy-saving brushless DC motor

Brushless DC motor, a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor. Since 2008, from energy-saving lamps to energy-saving air conditioners to energy-saving cars, the Chinese government has adopted financial subsidies to guide industrial technology upgrades and seek low-carbon development strategies with a more active attitude and actions. The tough task of greatly improving conventional energy utilization efficiency, brushless DC motor products are also on the list.

It is the general trend to replace traditional motors with high-efficiency and energy-saving brushless DC motors, and the future space is huge. The current electricity consumption of motors accounts for up to 50% of the total electricity consumption, and nearly 70% of the industrial electricity consumption. Therefore, in order to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP, there is great potential in the field of motors, and high-efficiency energy-saving motors can be used as a breakthrough in energy conservation.

The brushless DC motor uses semiconductor switching devices to realize electronic commutation, and electronic switching devices replace traditional contact commutators and brushes. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation spark, and low mechanical noise. In the structural design of the brushless DC motor, the magnetic density of the stator and rotor should be reasonably designed to avoid saturation, and the magnetic density of each part should be appropriately reduced for motors with too high speed.

2. Brushless DC motors need maintenance

The maintenance and maintenance of the brushless DC motor mainly lies in the aging of its Hall components and the maintenance and maintenance of the bearings, because these two important components play an absolute factor in the service life of the brushless DC motor. Let the brushless DC motor fail less, thereby prolonging its service life. While brushless DC motors themselves don't require much maintenance, we also need to maximize their lifespan. The use of brushless DC motors also has a life expectancy. For factories, employees need to rest, and machines also need to rest. They cannot be over-operated, otherwise both work efficiency and machine life will be reduced.