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The difference between hybrid stepping motor and reactive stepping motor

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There are many types of stepping motors. According to different forms, hybrid stepping motors and reactive stepping motors are two of them. They are also two types that are often used. What is the difference between these two stepping motors? This is to be done in three ways.

First of all, in terms of structure and material, the reactive motor does not have a permanent magnetic material inside the hybrid stepping motor, and the hybrid stepping motor has a certain self-locking torque.

Secondly, there are differences in running performance. The hybrid motor runs relatively smoothly, the output torque is relatively large, and the running sound is small.

Again, the two motors differ in price, and reactive motors are relatively cheaper than hybrid stepper motors, but not obvious.

These two stepping motors are not different in structural materials or in running performance, but there are not many differences in price, so we should choose the one with higher cost performance when purchasing.

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