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Two-step stepping motor reference four steps in the selection

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Stepper motors are also available in many models. Two-phase stepper motors are one of them. The selection can be done according to several steps, so that you can purchase a suitable stepper motor. Here we have summarized four steps for For your reference, the details are as follows.

The first step: the holding torque of the stepper motor is similar to the "power" called by the conventional motor. Of course, there are essential differences. The physical structure of the stepper motor is completely different from AC and DC motors, and the output power of the motor is variable. Which type of motor is usually selected based on the required torque level (ie the amount of torque required to carry the animal).

In the second step, look at the “empty frequency” of the stepper motor, and it is necessary to start and stop frequently. This requires a higher requirement for the motor in this respect.

The third step is to look at the number of phases of the stepper motor. The number of phases is related to the step angle. The more the number of phases, the smaller the step angle can be, and the vibration during operation is relatively small. This should be chosen according to actual needs.

The fourth step, the special specification stepper motor, needs to communicate in advance to see if it can be ordered.

For stepper motors, we can refer to the purchase in several steps above.

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