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Why Do BLDC Motors Use Position Sensors

Ⅰ. BLDC motor use position sensor reasons

Those of you who use BLDC motors are familiar with position sensors. So what does a position sensor do? They don't necessarily know. It plays the role of measuring rotor pole position in BLDC motor, and provides correct commutation information for logic switching circuit, that is, conversion position information, also referred to as inductive BLDC motor. The magnetic pole of the rotor is occlited into an electrical signal, and then the stator windings are controlled for phase conversion. There are many kinds of position sensors with their own characteristics. There are three kinds of position sensors commonly used in BLDC motor factory: electromagnetic position sensor, magnetic position proximity sensor and photoelectric position sensor.

In brushless DC motor, open transformers are widely used in electromagnetic position sensors. The open circuit transformer of three - phase BLDC motor is composed of stator and tracking rotor. The stator usually has six magnetic poles separated by 60 degrees. Three poles wound primary winding, serial connection, high frequency power supply.

Magnetic position sensor is a kind of semiconductor sensor, its electrical parameters change with the change of the surrounding magnetic field according to a certain law. Its basic principle is Hall effect and reluctance effect. Common magnetic sensors include Hall elements or Hall integrated circuits, magnetoresistors and reluctance diodes. Photoelectric position sensor is a kind of photoelectric device which is sensitive to the position of the light spot on the incident photosensitive surface. Its output signal is related to the position of the light spot on the photosensitive surface. It is a photoelectric position sensitive detector based on transverse photoelectric effect. In addition to the positioning performance of photodiode array and ccd, it also has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, fast response and simple circuit configuration.

Ⅱ. About the use and maintenance of BLDC motor

BLDC motor is composed of motor body and driver, is a typical mechatronics products, and has been widely used in many fields. Users in the use of BLDC motor has some problems also need to pay attention to, so the specific use of BLDC motor to pay attention to what?

1. Before disassembly, it is necessary to use compressed air to blow the dust on the surface of the motor and wipe the surface dirt clean.

2. Choose the BLDC motor disassembly work site, clean up the site environment.

3. Familiar with BLDC motor structure characteristics and maintenance technical requirements.

4. Prepare tools (including special tools) and equipment needed for disassembly.

5. In order to further understand the defects in the operation of the BLDC motor, if possible, an inspection test can be done before disassembly. To this end, the motor is put on load to test, and the temperature, sound and vibration of each part of the BLDC motor are checked in detail. In short, as long as the use of correct, proper maintenance, fault detection and timely treatment, BLDC motor working life is very long.